Monday, January 1, 2007

what, 2007 already?

This weekend's most unsettling glimpse into the future, from CNN's report on the Times Square New Year's Party:

Police were still compiling reports early Monday from the celebration, which had gone on amid tight security. Spectators passed through police checkpoints; no big bags or backpacks were permitted and bomb-sniffing dogs roamed the crowd.

Public drinking was banned, and visitors were herded into a series of viewing pens that prevented them from bar-hopping.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last week that revelers would be "safer in Times Square on New Year's Eve than anyplace else," but he insisted that tight security would not spoil the show.

Police checkpoints, Fourth Amendment cancellation canines, being herded into pens, and benevolent Big Brother smiling down upon the disarmed masses to assure them that they are the safest creatures in the world now.


I had a fun day yesterday. A friend of mine threw a cozy little New Year's party at his place in the NC mountains, and I went down there after breakfast to hang out for the day.

Rich's place is awesome...there are various pepper poppers and other steel targets set up in the backyard, right outside the back porch, and we ran a bunch of ammo through our guns. I must have fired about a case of 9mm through my Beretta. Reactive steel targets at an outdoor range are so much more fun than paper targets at an indoor range...there's something very satisfying about the instant audible and visual feedback you get when your bullets are knocking down those tall steel lollipops.

Regrettably, I couldn't stay for the night, since Robin has to work today, and Quinn doesn't sleep well in strange places. However, the day was well worth the trip...good friends, good food, and good shooting.

Today begins that annual three-week period where I still write the previous year's number on checks and dated stuff.

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