Friday, December 29, 2006

whoops, wrong hemisphere.

CNN brings us the amusing tale of a young German with a geography deficit. He meant to visit his schnookums in Sydney, Australia...only to end up in Oregon. He was already on the commuter plane to the tiny mining town of Sidney before notifying the airline personnel that there may have been a mix-up.

Apparently, arriving in the United States after a flight from Germany did not perturb him at first, because he thought "you could fly to Australia via the United States." While that is technically true--the planet being roughly spherical in shape--it is certainly not common practice to extend Europe-to-Oz flights by twice the mileage.

It seems that European public schools are rapidly catching up with their American counterparts when it comes to providing students with insufficient geography skills. Now they just need to prune down their language programs, and maybe trade their higher math instruction for high school sports and cheerleading practice.

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