Thursday, January 18, 2007

why'd they have to name it that?

Via pdb, we learn that Magpul, a company known for its AR-15 stocks, has designed yet another new stock, and along with it a whole new rifle to which to attach said stock. It's called the "Masada".

Masada, of course, was the Judean fortress whose Jewish defenders committed mass suicide when besieged by a vastly superior Roman army. I'm not entirely sure it's a cool name for a fighting rifle, but at least it sounds catchy. Alas, if I were to buy one, and a band of home invaders decided to pay us a visit some time thereafter, the historically correct use for the product would be to shoot my family and then myself before the home invaders manage to break through the front door.

On a side note, Masada is often referenced as an example of fortitude due to the defenders choosing death over slavery or execution. It may just be the Nordic streak in me, but if I am faced with the certain knowledge that I will either die or be executed by my attackers, I'd grab a sword or three and make sure I skid into Valhalla with one attacker under each arm. There may be dying on my part, but I'd want to make damn sure I wasn't the only one punching a ticket that day, if you know what I mean.

On another side note, do you think the Roman attackers walked into Masada, saw all the dead defenders, and said, "Oh darn, we lost the moral victory?"

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