Tuesday, January 30, 2007

wtf, over?

This is what we are raising to be in charge of the country in thirty years or so.

To wit: a high school student strips naked, greases himself down, and proceeds to streak the cafeteria. His fellow students execute the only emergency drill they have been taught: huddle in a corner in abject terror and wait for the resource officer to come and solve the problem.

Officer Friendly instructs the student to cease and desist his nefarious prank. Student refuses to comply immediately, whereupon he is Tasered and hauled off on charges of "inducing panic", among others.

Now, I may just look back at the past through the rose-colored goggles of nostalgia, but none of us would have cowered in a corner at the sight of one of our fellow students streaking in the cafeteria. The prankster would have gotten laughter and food hurled at him in more or less even quantities.

Alas, this is the Brave New World, where anyone hurling food at the guy would have been hauled off along with him for assault and disorderly conduct. If anyone dared to laugh, it would probably result in a counseling session with the school shrink.

This is what the system is producing: soft little Eloi who quiver in uncontrollable fear at the first sign of danger, completely relying on the authorities to come and make things better.

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