Tuesday, January 16, 2007

oh, my poor head.

This is why I am fed up with the "conservative" pro-gun crowd lately.

If you just read the post linked above and find that your are nodding your head in agreement, please return your brain for a refund and excuse yourself from the species that builds rocket ships and nuclear power plants. Better yet, give your brain to some poor CP patient or stroke victim, as they can make better use of it. Your spinal cord should be perfectly sufficient for the eating, grunting, and drooling you call a fulfilling existence.

I'm probably not going to vote for Senator Obama if he decides to run for President. This assessment is based on the man's political stance, his known positions on issues, and his voting record in the Senate. It is most assuredly not based on the man's ancestry, his skin color, his religion, the religion of his parents, or the location of his upbringing.

People who come up with such agitprop have very small skulls. Their brains are only big enough to contain one entry each for the categories "Us" and "Them". Right now, the enemy of the day for these folks is Islam in general, despite the fact that the radical Wahhabists make up roughly half of a percent of the religion as a whole. Muslims are the designated boogeyman of the day, and therefore everyone everyone who doesn't fit into the "Us" compartment will get squeezed into the "Them" compartment (currently labeled "Muslims", but with a backward 's' at the end), logic and reason be damned.

Case in point: this adorably pathetic attempt to claim that atheists are, in fact, a kind of Muslim.

Trying to correct such idiocy is an exercise in futility. The people who think in such ways are deeply convinced that they have The Truth, and nothing you say will sway them. Having only one enemy to think about is both easy on the noggin and emotionally satisfying, especially when that enemy can be readily identified by one easily spotted characteristic.

This has precisely jack all to do with "political correctness" (the conservative equivalent of the liberal's claim of 'racism' in a discussion). It has to do with the fact that any method of assessing an individual not by their personal actions and intentions, but by a trait shared with other people, is deeply flawed and only suitable for lynch mobs to whip each other into a killing froth.

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