Monday, January 29, 2007

learning social conventions.

Quinn has learned how to say "please" and "thank you", and he uses both expressions in a correct context with regularity. Now we need to work on "Give me liberty or give me death".

I am happy to report that our attempts at early indoctrination are successful: the boy loves books. He's been getting a bedtime story every night since the day he was born, and mommy and daddy have been pushing his nose into books pretty much since he could sit up, and it's starting to have an impact. He drags books out of his room frequently during the day, and then he'll either take them to the couch and look at them by himself, or he'll bring them to me and ask for me to pick him up and read to him.

Hey, of all forms of addiction, the one that involves literature is the least harmful, and also one of the least expensive. A hundred bucks won't get you much in the way of cocaine, but it'll get you a nice stack of used books at McKay's. Also, there are very few recreational drugs that can be used over and over again after purchase.

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