Thursday, January 11, 2007

intarwebz funny.

"Family Man" (to the tune of the "Spider-Man" TV theme song):

Family Man, Family Man, Drives around in a minivan, Has two kids and a wife, Pays the bills, has no life. Look out, here comes Family Man!

I found this in some corner of the series of tubes that make up the Internets, so I can't claim credit for it.

I'm posting fluff today so my blood pressure will stay low. I could go on about the half trillion dollars we've chucked down that sandhole in the Middle East just so the Iraqi Shiites can grudge-fuck the Sunni (which had been fucking them for the thirty years prior to our invasion), but I won't.

Instead, here's a picture of a little boy doing a practice run on his new portable potty. This exercise was thankfully not a live-fire one.

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