Friday, June 8, 2007


It pains me to even spill electronic ink on the subject of that ditz, but one Ms. Paris Hilton has been carted back to jail in tears. Apparently, the local county sheriff released her on Day 2 of her 40-some day DUI sentence, to spend the rest of the sentence at her modest four-bedroom home under house arrest.

The judge in the case said something like, "Nuh-uh!", ordered the little brat back to court, and had her transported back to jail to serve the remainder of her sentence. Miss Hilton had a tearful meltdown in the courtroom, crying for mommy as she was hauled off.

Is there a sorrier sight than that of a multimillionaire trust fund baby having a meltdown at the prospect of a 40-day sentence in a private cell? I mean, it's probably hard for her to comprehend that she landed herself in trouble daddy can't buy her way out of, but dammit, show some decorum and march off with dignity.

One would think she'd learn a lesson from all of this, but she'll be back on the club circuit the day after her release. I even smell a book based on her harrowing experience.

Just shows that you can buy an education, but you can't buy intelligence.

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