Tuesday, June 5, 2007

it's important to be polite to bugs.

I'm sitting in the back yard again for our afternoon outdoor time. Quinn is bending over to study the occasional ant or bug scurrying on the warm concrete of the patio, and he's being very polite. Every time he finds a new one, he says, "It's an ant. Hi, ant!", or "It's a bug. Hi, bug!"

Ah, technology. Wireless networks are great fun. I can drag this Powerbook to everyroom in the house, or the front porch or outside patio, and still be tethered to the Intarwebz. In fact, the only drawback about our plan to move out of suburbia and to some more secluded property is the unlikeliness of high-speed Internet access. I'd say that I have what it takes to become a Luddite, but I'd be lying...I've had DSL for nigh on eight years now, and every time it's out (which happens three or four times a year), it's a major inconvenience. You don't even realize how much of your daily routine requires an Internet connection until you have to do without one for a day or so.

There's always satellite Internet, of course, but it's expensive as hell, and you still have to tie up a phone line for the uploads and download requests.

In other geek toy news, my iPod's screen bit it last week, and I was already resigned to writing off the $250 I had to shell out for it, when I stumbled upon my receipt from the Apple Store and discovered two months left on the factory warranty. I turned it in for replacement at the Apple Store at West Town Mall, and picked up a brand new replacement today. Talk about tech toys that have made themselves indispensable...there are ways to listen to your music without an iPod, but they're just so damn inconvenient once you're used to carrying your entire CD collection around your neck on lanyard earphones.

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