Friday, June 29, 2007

it boggles the mind, part xvii.

So this 71-year-old former Marine sits in a Subway in Plantation, FL, when two little punks come in with guns drawn and rob the place. The former Marine is the only customer in the store at the time, and after the robbers clear out the register, they demand his wallet as well. He throws it down in front of them, and one of the robbers orders him into the women's bathroom.

Not too keen on being executed, the former Marine draws his concealed weapon and shoots both robbers. One of them is DRT, and the other runs away, only to be found by police later in some nearby bushes with a gunshot wound to the chest.

All in all, a good day for the good guys.

Now the grandmother of the injured robber engages in the most mind-boggling public display of denial and blame-shifting I have seen in a long time. The article remarks on how she sits on her front porch with her minister husband, and ponders "how a man could shoot two people and not go to jail." Furthermore, she opines that the armed citizen "ain't no hero. He is a murderer and God will serve justice."

No, lady, the murderer is the guy who survived, your grandson, who will be charged as such, because he committed a felony resulting in the death of his buddy. The guy who shot your no-good hoodlum grandson and his no-good hoodlum buddy is not a murderer, just someone who wanted to eat his Italian BMT without threatened with summary execution by your dear, blameless grandson. Maybe, if your wonderful family had done a better job at raising him, he wouldn't have gone out to commit strong-arm robbery, and the good citizen wouldn't have had to double-tap him to keep from getting killed himself.

Like a certain fictional space captain would say..."You shot yourself, son. I just carried the bullet for a while."

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