Friday, December 14, 2007

winter wonderland.

Here are some pictures of the new Munchkin Wrangler Central, as it appeared this morning.

This is the front of the house:

House front, Dec 07

Here's one side, by the hot tub room:

House side

This is another shot of the side, looking past the hot tub room towards the forward edge of the property. There are fifty yards of trees between the edge of the house and the dirt road that leads past the property.

House side 2

Here's the back of it. The hot tub room is slightly to the right of center, and the structure all the way to the right is a storage shed for tools and firewood.

House back

Lots of floor and storage space, two independent propane furnaces, two big cast-iron wood stoves, a garage and tool shop, and ten-point-something acres around it (mostly stretching out behind the house.)

Oh,'s our driveway in its current state. Guess I ought to get off the computer and shovel some snow.

Driveway, Dec 07

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