Monday, December 17, 2007

(some) trouble in paradise.

So we bought a nice place. 

Trouble is, we have water dripping in three different rooms.  Two water leaks are in the kitchen and living room, respectively, and one is in Quinn's room.  That one's fairly major...paint coming off the ceiling in a nice dangling stripe, and water dripping down at a steady rate from the crack visible through the putty.

Now, one unknown roof leak could be coincidence.  Two unknown roof leaks are more in the realm of the unlikely.  Three different ones, however, are firmly in "Failure to Disclose" territory.  We're currently getting an estimate from a roofing company for roof repair or replacement, and after that it's time to get a lawyer, I'm afraid.  It's a metal roof, and I haven't the faintest clue as to replacement cost for the entire building.  The same company is going to slap a new roof onto our garage for $2700-ish, so extrapolating from that, I'd guess it would cost ten grand to redo the whole house.  Let's hope they can patch what's leaking, so we can delay the big cash outlay for a little while.

Nothing gives me the warm and fuzzies like spending close to two hundred grand on a house, burning up a few more grand to move the entire kit 'n kaboodle, and then having to look at a roof replacement not three weeks after move-in date.

The house itself is everything we wanted--spacious, on a good plot, and lots of big rooms.  The roof issue, however, is knocking a bit off the gilding. 

Ah, well...gotta roll with the punches at this point.  We still own the place in Knoxville, but moving everything back to the way it was is not an option. 

We had a Nor'Easter yesterday, and the snow in the yard is still two feet in some spots.  The doggies flat refuse to go outside into the cold, even though the driveway is plowed.  They stealthily try to find spots in the house for their business, so I had to physically throw them out of the house this morning and leave them in the snow for a little while.

I'm sure I'll look back onto this with a laugh come summer...but right now, I feel like washing down a large valium with some bourbon.

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