Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the tiger does not relish the peach.

Next time you're at the zoo and a large predatory cat escapes, follow these steps:

--Call authorities at once.  911 will summon a policeman, who will arrive in mere minutes.

--Give the attacker what he/she wants.  They'll most likely leave you alone afterwards.  Don't resist, you may get hurt.

--If possible, try to reason with the attacker.  Everybody wants to be valued and respected.

--Do not carry a gun for self-defense.  You may get hurt worse, because it may be used against you.  Also, you may suffer from intense regret and remorse if you kill your attacker.


Make sense?  No? 

Then keep in mind that people who prey on other humans have exactly as much conscience and compassion as that tiger.  Tigers kill to eat and live without concern for the feelings of their prey...same with predatory humans. 

The only thing that will keep you alive when a predator mistakes you for food is to whip out larger claws and teeth.

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