Monday, December 31, 2007

last day of 2007.

I don't have any special resolutions for 2008, just a general set of goals that aren't specific to the calendar year.  Since I met Robin, every year has been an improvement over the one before it, so I'm hoping the trend continues unabated.  2007 was a little marred by the Move from Hell, but it was also the year in which Lyra was born, so it was a very good year in the end.

Two thousand and eight already, folks.  I'm still waiting for the rocket car I was promised for the year 2000.  The other day, I thought of the fact that Quinn and Lyra have a better than even chance of seeing the 22nd century...with health care and life expectancy improving in quantum leaps every generation, they ought to make it to their 90s. 

Then again, our species has a history of exterminating each other over silly shit like what name to call our invisible friends, or the melanin content of our skins, or what have you.  Nitwits and nukes don't go well together...and I'm not just talking about the Jihadis.

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