Friday, December 14, 2007

alas, no (fast) intarwebz yet.

The installer for Hughesnet showed up last night for a site survey, but he won't be able to do the install until Wednesday morning.  In the meantime, there's dial-up.

Strangely enough, I've discovered that I really don't need to spend a ton of time online.  I download my email and then read and reply to it offline, and my blogroll check via Google Reader takes all of five minutes.  My blog posts are done offline through Windows Live Writer, which is a pretty handy program.  All in all, I really only need to connect whenever I want to look up something specific (like movie times for our date night tonight--we're going out to dinner and to see "The Golden Compass"), so there's really no pressing need to be connected all the time.

That, of course, makes me wonder as to how I have managed to waste away entire mornings on the Internet with the old DSL connection before...

The windshield on the Munchkin Mover has a three-foot crack in it.  It took some damage from debris on the way up to NH, a little star-shaped crack in the lower right corner.  When I went out for some odds and ends yesterday, the temperature difference (12 degrees outside, heater at full blast inside) must have encouraged that crack to expand violently.  I looked down for a moment to fiddle with the heater or radio, and when I looked up again, the crack had suddenly expanded clean across the lower half of the windshield, right to left, roughly following the temperature line of the front defrosting vent.  It'll be replaced on Monday morning, to the tune of $210...just another item on the "Holy Shit, That Was Expensive" list that has been this move.

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