Monday, October 1, 2007

i still have all my fingers.

Well, it looks like I managed to get those .38 Special rounds reloaded properly.

Thorsten is visiting from the old Fatherland, and we went to burn some powder tonight. I ran a hundred rounds of my home-brewed loads through the trusty Model 13, and all of them went "bang" with the same noise and recoil. Thorsten shot a five-round cloverleaf of overlapping holes at seven yards with the M13 in single action, so I guess the load is accurate enough.

Thorsten rented a Glock 21, and I tried my hand with it as well, but my Glock groups were twice as large as the ones out of the S&W. That revolver is a thing of goes bang six times without fail, you open the cylinder, dump your six empties right back into the box, and load up again. No busting thumbs, no chasing brass, no slides locking back with rounds left in the magazine (the repeated weird Glock malfunction of the night, with both shooters), and no failures to feed or extract. Make mine a sixgun...

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