Saturday, October 6, 2007

ask a geek.

Today's free tech support incident goes to visitor #107,645.

Yeah, the Inspiron 8100 will play World of Warcraft okay, as long as you dial back the graphics options some. Set it to 800x600, move back the sliders for details in the in-game video options, and you'll be able to enjoy WoW tolerably well. The 8100 is no speed demon anymore, but they came with decent discrete graphics cards even at the low end (GeForce 2 Go), so as long as you have at least 512MB of RAM in that thing, it'll run WoW surprisingly well. It won't look nearly as pretty as it does on a desktop with oodles of RAM and an up-to-date graphics card, but it'll still beat the crap out of Spider Solitaire for those boring evenings at the hotel when you're on the go.

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