Tuesday, October 9, 2007

put some real shoes on those feet.

I stopped by the grocery store tonight to pick up some milk.

Walking around, I usually pay attention to the folks around me, and tonight something struck me as interesting. The majority of people in the store were wearing rudimentary footwear--flip-flops, Crocs, open-backed sandals, and the like.

I realized that I neither own, nor wear in public, any type of footwear that does not enable me to break into a run. Some people might call it "paranoia", but I don't feel good about intentionally handicapping my gait in emergency situations. Sure, life in the suburbs is generally quiet and peaceful, but there may just be an urgent matter that requires you to run towards--or from--something at top speed, a situation where tripping over your flip-flops may be a bad thing.

Then again, half the customers at the grocery store tonight were in such shape as to render the point moot, since they'd not be able to exceed the natural speed limit of their flip-flops anyway.

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