Friday, September 28, 2007

vote buying, once more.

Via pdb, we find out that Hil wants to give five thousand dollars to every newborn child. pdb rightly points out that those five grand per kid sum up to twenty billion dollars per year, every year. That money doesn't just materialize out of thin air, of course--it has to be confiscated from productive citizens first.

Like someone in the Comments section at pdb's blog points out, there'll be a jump in the purchases of $5K spinning rims among new parents. Hell, can you think of a better incentive for welfare mommas to pump out even more kids? Not only do they get increased payments from Uncle Sugar for each additional kid they can't feed to begin with, but now they'll get a nice lump sum payment on top of that, too. If I was in the habit of voting for whoever promises me the most money out of my neighbor's pocket, there's no way I wouldn't vote for Hil.

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