Wednesday, August 29, 2007

oma, 1921-2007.

My little Oma passed away tonight.

She had been in declining health for a while...multiple organs were acting up, and she had several unpleasant episodes at the hospital. A while ago, my mom decided to bring Oma home and let her live out her remaining days surrounded by family, instead of living all by herself in a nearly-empty apartment building. They fixed up the large ground-floor master bedroom as a studio apartment for Oma, and she spent the last few months of her life in mom's quiet suburban house, with no meals to cook or laundry to fold. My brother Sascha lives in the same house, and our youngest sibling is still underage, so there were always people around her to take care of her needs. My other siblings and their spouses live nearby, so Oma got to see the grandkids and great-grandkids on a regular basis over the last few months.

Her last few trips to the hospital must have been traumatic, because she expressed a desire to remain at home and not to return to the hospital anymore...she was afraid that she would not come out again the next time she went in. She wanted to remain at home, and prepare for the last journey with family by her side.

Tonight, she got her wish. She passed away in her sleep less than an hour ago, with my mom and brother by her side.

Goodbye, Oma. I'll miss you very much.

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