Friday, August 24, 2007

In the land of the gullible, the bullshitter is king.

This article just boggles the mind. Apparently, there are a whole bunch of people in this country who claim they can not only see dead people's spirits, but actually interact or converse with them. Apparently, there are enough of them (and by extension, enough gullible people to support them with patronage) that they can congregate in thirteen camps all over the country in the summer.

Folks, "supernatural" is a null word. In the entire history of recorded science, there isn't a single credible, tested, and verifiable claim regarding "paranormal" phenomena. Fortune-telling, mindreading, PSI, ESP, seeing ghosts, talking to the dead—it's all a bunch of bullshit, with not a smidgen of hard proof that those phenomena exist anywhere outside of the minds of their practicioners.

Ah, but the key of the whole article, the code to understanding the motor behind these "Spiritualist Camps" is mentioned in the second paragraph. It starts with a dollar symbol—forty bucks per half hour of supernatural mumbo-jumbo. These are professional bullshitters, parasites who extract the money from the pockets of gullible customers with the promise of one last glimpse or conversation with a lost loved one.

Then again, selling tickets to the afterlife is one of humanity's oldest, most destructive, and least productive professions, and this is just another form of mystic pick-pocketing, a new breed of tribal campfire shamans who have discovered that taking messages from the spirit world is more lucrative and less back-breaking than actually going out and hunting or gathering.

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