Thursday, August 9, 2007

some random hoplography.

Smith & Wesson Model 1066, chambered in 10mm Auto. All-steel construction, accurate, easy to control, and perfectly reliable even with budget lead flatnose 10mm ammunition.

S&W autochuckers don't have the cachet of a SIG or H&K, being the pistol line Most Likely To Be Overlooked At The Gunstore, but this big 1066 was every bit as reliable as any of the fancy Euroguns I've owned. With some decent full-house factory loads, that gun is a mean device.

Oh yeah, and 10mm Auto is an awesome caliber. If you can handle the somewhat zesty recoil from un-neutered loads, this caliber is the answer to the light-and-fast vs. heavy-and-slow debate, being one of the few handgun calibers in existence that does heavy-and-fast. Trajectory is flat, accuracy is great, and the caliber is probably the most flexible autoloader round out there. You can load it down to .40S&W levels for less recoil, or load it up to full rock-em-sock-em loads, tossing a 200-grain bullet at 1,200 feet per second, or a 165-grainer at over 1,400.

If 10mm Auto factory ammo wasn't so hideously expensive (and thus hard on the wallet for regular practice), I'd probably still carry that Model 1066. (On those rare flatgun days, that is. Most days, I'm quite content with that decidedly more old-fashioned revolver thingy.)

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