Monday, February 12, 2007

most scottish cuisine is based on a dare.

From the expanses of the intarw3bz:

The Top 20 failed Haggis marketing ploys:

1. Freeze-dried Haggis, the official haggis of NASA
2. Haggis On a Stick
3. Kentucky Fried Haggis, in extra-crispy or the Colonel Original secret recipe
4. Stove-Slop Haggis, instead of potatoes
5. Baaaaaa-B-Q, with peat &'s mesquite flavoring
6. Mountain Ewe, totally refreshing carbonated haggis beverage. Do the Ewe!
7. Cup o' Guts Instant Haggis
8. Entrail Mix: Natural Snack
9. Mix &'s Eat Cream of Sheep
10. Wool-Whip Non-dairy dessert topping
11. H.L.T.
12. Got Haggis
13. Haggis Joy and Mounds: Sometimes you feel like a gut. Sometimes you don't....
14. Bleaties Cereal, breakfast of Champions
15. Shish ke Baaaaaaaab
16. Haggis Helper
17. Chockful o' Guts Haggis Coffee: Gut to the last drop!
18. Pedialights: Haggis for the wee bairn
19. Two all-sheep haggis, special sauce, lettuce, cheese......
20. Haggis Baaz: Premium Haggis Ice Cream

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