Friday, February 9, 2007

blued steel.

Here's something pretty: a Smith & Wesson Model 30, known as the ".32 Hand Ejector" before S&W went to model numbers in the 1950s.

This one was traded in by some mortal fool at my neighborhood gun shoppe, and I just had to lay claim to it. This particular Model 30 is in 98% condition even by conservative measure, which is quite excellent for a gun manufactured in 1959. I hope I look that good when I'm close to 50.

It's hopelessly untactical, and any number of intarw3bz gun board jockeys will tell you that it's useless for self-defense because it's only chambered in .32 S&W Long. Personally, I think that catching one or six of those little lead pills with your brisket will certainly not improve your day. (Interestingly enough, revolvers chambered in that caliber were considered adequate for police work in the early 20th century.) Ballistically, the .32S&W Long is about in the same ballpark as the .32ACP, and the M30 can use .32ACP ammo in a pinch because the semi-rim on the .32ACP holds the cartridge in the chamber just fine.

This little wheelgun is tiny. It's an Improved I-frame, and it's about 20% smaller than a J-frame, Smith & Wesson's smallest present-day offering. Robin likes the low weight and small size, so I guess the little M30 will pull bodyguard duty with her, an eminently honorable assignment.

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