Saturday, July 28, 2007

to each according to their need.

There's a rabbit breeder in Germany named Karl Szmolinsky who breeds giant rabbits which top the scales at twenty pounds when fully grown, which is a lot of rabbit. Someone in the North Korean government learned of his breeding program through the Imperialist news broadcasts, and the breeder was invited to sell twelve of his rabbits to North Korea at a humanitarian discount, presumably so the NKs could breed them en masse and alleviate the country's chronic food shortage. They also invited him to come to North Korea, share his expertise, and help them set up theor own super rabbit breeding program.

Well, a while after he had shipped the rabbits off to North Korea, the NK government contacted him again and rescinded the invitation. Apparently, they didn't need him anymore...because the rabbits were cooked and eaten by North Korean government officials at a birthday banquet for the Dear Leader.

In the meantime, the peasants and workers of the North Korean socialist paradise are starving, and forced to subsist on grass soup and other such delicacies. Why a country that can't feed its own people wants to spend a lot of cash and energy acquiring one or three Really Big Firecrackers is beyond me, especially considering that their main Imperialist Antagonist has more than enough of those things to flatten every three-hut hamlet in North Korea if it ever came to a nuke lobbing contest.

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