Thursday, March 8, 2007

truth in advertising.

In the world of online gun forums (fora?), I have come across several instances of people referring to their new Kimber pistol as a "Dessert Warrior".

This strikes me as doubly funny, because it describes the most likely use of those pistols more aptly than the correct spelling of the product name, seeing how most of the Desert Warriors sold at my local gun shop are more likely to regularly see the buffet at Golden Corral than the mean streets of Fallujah.

In related news, I find it hard to take advice about tactics and self-defense from folks who look like they can't walk from the car to the same buffet without getting out of breath. I mean, I'm no longer as lean as I was in basic training at 17, but I can still chug around the 2.3 mile circuit out at Lakeshore Park at a somewhat decent pace without succumbing to a heart attack. If you wax on about preparedness and SHTF plans in a gun store, it helps your credibility if you don't look like you plan on living off your body fat for two years once the comet hits.

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