Thursday, March 15, 2007

knee-deep in empties.

I just rummaged through my gun closet to find some bore paste, and I had to dig my way through several grocery bags full of boxed .38 Special brass.

I took a minute to count up the brass, and I have about a thousand empties in boxes, plus another grocery bag full of loose brass. Make it 1,500, give or take a few. (That's one of the benefits of being a revolver can retain every single piece of brass you fire through your guns.)

I guess I should finally get that reloading press and roll my own...ammo isn't getting any cheaper, that's for sure. .38 Special is relatively inexpensive at $9-10 per 50, but it's still 50% more pricey than 9mm Luger.

Ooh! Then I could get one of those nifty Marlin 1894 lever guns in .357 Magnum and cook up some deer smackers...

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