Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Quinn has decided that his little sister is pretty cool after all. When she's up and awake, I have to field constant requests for him to "kiss Lyra", and "kiss Lyra again".

Things are settling down...we now average about six hours of sleep a night. If you've noticed any light blogging for the last few days, there's my excuse. I'm usually busy with one or the other.

All you moms out there who raised multiple kids by yourselves, or with no help from your hands-off "baby care is women's work" husbands: you have my deep and heartfelt respect. These two are enough to keep two parents busy all day long.

All you husbands out there who consider yourselves the "working" part of the marriage because you leave in the morning and bring a paycheck home: you have it easy. Going to the office is infinitely easier than juggling the attention requirements of multiple little children. It's not particularly difficult, but there's a constant low-level stress that comes from never being off the clock completely, and the effect is cumulative.

Here are some pics from this morning. Maybe I'll have the time for a gun-related post later today.

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