Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ah, sweet lortab.

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment to, ah, get my wires clipped. I regretfully had to pass on the Valium they offer just before the procedure because I had to drive myself home, but the whole thing wasn't a terribly big deal anyway...I've had more discomfort from a toothache.

Today I'm just feeling some sort of low-level discomfort, but the urologist prescribed some Lortab for the aftermath, so I'm actually doing pretty good right now. Hooray for Schedule III drugs, I say.

When I was under the knife, so to speak, I remembered the Gary Larson cartoon where this dog hangs out of the window of the family car as they drive by a yard where another dog is playing. The dog in the car yells out of the window, "Ha ha, Biff! Guess what? We're going to the store, and then I'm going to the vet to get tutored!"

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