Friday, November 23, 2007

can't pick your family.

The Piece of Human Garbage Award for the month of November goes to one Mr. Stephen Gerard, from Nashua, NH.

Stephen's brother is serving in Iraq. In his brother's absence, Stephen pocketed a few items from the home while he was over to help his sister-in-law clean. One of the pocketed items was his brother's military ID.

Stephen used the military ID to make a dozen or so withdrawals from two different bank accounts. One was an account set up for families of military personnel, which he cleaned out to the tune of $1,012.82. The other was an account set up by the family for his 1-year-old niece, for another $325.

He also took jewelry from his sister-in-law to sell at local pawnshops, again using his brother's military identification for ID.

Let's hope Stephen's brother comes home safe and soon from Iraq, so he can have a word with his sibling, and maybe test the hypothesis that "blood is thicker than water".

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