Tuesday, April 17, 2007

here we go.

The press is already taking the bloody ball and running with it. Major news outlet stories focus on the fact that Psycho Boy bought his Glock 19 legally, that it cost $570-ish dollars, and that the background check "took only a minute".

I have a feeling that the VT shootings are going to be to the United States what Port Arthur was to Australia, and Dunblane to the UK. There'll be a bill drafted within the month, and it will have a title that makes opposing it hazardous for political careers. (The other side of the aisle used precisely the same tactic with the "Patriot Act", so don't be surprised if the Friends of Sarah Brady in Congress take a book out of the conservative playbook.) It will contain a new version of the Assault Weapons Ban, a complete prohibition of gun purchases by non-citizen Resident Aliens, and anything else that Pelosi and friends can cram into it while the bodies are still warm.

I'd love to be proven wrong on this, but I'd be willing to wager a substantial amount of money on the likelihood that some congressional aides are already busy drafting the language. They'll introduce it at that critical time when the mass media has tilled the field with lots of reporting about how easy it was for Psycho Boy to get his gun, and before the public outrage about the crime has started to subside. (Of course, there won't be a word lost about how VT disallowed CCW on campus "to make students feel safe".)

Give it a month, tops.

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